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Amy McCae

Coach. Corporate Wellness. Mindfulness Meditation.

Amy McCae is a Certified Life Coach, Holistic and Spiritual Wellness Expert, and Transformational Speaker. Her intention is to partner with organizations and individuals to improve health, create authentic relationships, and increase success rates through mindful practices.

After spending nearly a decade ill, she healed herself through natural methods and rediscovered a passion for helping others. Her desire to help and to educate others would allow her to continue to learn and receive countless certifications. You can view the complete list on her website

Her life long passion for healing along with my interest in the science of brain function would lead me to meditation and mindfulness. The benefits of these practices are profound and now scientifically proven. A few of these benefits include; increased memory, attention and emotional intelligence as well as boosted immunity, improved relationships, heightened levels of creativity and intuition, increased confidence, enhanced success rates, as well as happier and more peaceful living.

Transformational Thinking: Mindful Methods for Health, Relationships, and Success is a program she offers to corporations, groups, and individuals teaching meditation and mindfulness. The topics include: the science of meditation, learning to meditate, the power of belief and thought, creative visualization, getting in touch with your intuition, understanding your body as energy and so much more. Each seminar includes instruction, science based facts and benefits as well as tools you can use today.

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